what to Expect from us

Learning about your business.

We'll spend 1-2 hours discussing these general and other types of questions:

  1. What are your business objectives?
  2. Are they being achieved? Methods Used?
  3. What are your business goals?
  4. How about challenges? Are they hindering your business growth? How?
  5. Share your successes. Why were they successful? What has been done to build on it?
  6. Have you used marketing techniques? What were the results?

Next, we get to work

We will develop the right marketing treatment for your business. First, we take your answers and make that the end goal(s).

Next, we carefully choose what marketing elements best reaches the goal. Then we decide about the details that create the marketing element and formulate how it should be done: from preparations to writing style and tone to the design.

Finally, we put together a release schedule for the marketing treatment and source of execution in order to begin capturing your target audience. The best part? We'll talk at our next meeting about tracking.

Remember, not everything is solved with a print advertisement or a direct mail piece. Many times there are items and steps that need to be completed in order for the ad or direct mail piece to create result.

It has to have meaning.    It has to have purpose.    It has to have result.