It's all about the strategy

marketing strategy

integrated marketing

The goal for an integrated marketing strategy is to maintain a consistent message across all medias of communications including online and offline marketing channels. We work with you to develop the appropriate strategy, taking into account which marketing methods will deliver the best results.


direct e-mail

direct ee-mail marketing is a fast way to communicate with prospects and customers. Using leading software, available to marketing companies, we are able to push e-mails to the individual email box, the day, time and style in which you choose. We will track open rates, click thru rates, bounce rates and more...providing 'who' opened and clicked thru.

direct mail

Direct mail is a way to communicate to a desired office via postal mail. It's a great way to communicate to those postcardindividuals that need to 'touch' the solution you have to offer. We work to deliver the most compelling direct mail piece to get it viewed, opened and acted upon. We utilize services to bring the mailer down the mailing cycle for best rates possible.

trade shows

Trade shows can be a time consuming task. It's more than just showing up, putting up trade show bootha booth and hope someone stops by for a visit. It's about pre-show communications, post-show communications, prospect, customer and partner meetings, customer partnering, press meetings, press conferences, presentations...and a booth.


Billboards can be an effective way to get a message out to the general public. Not all billboards need to be billboardoff of a main expressway. Smaller, more targeted billboards are many times more effective and deliver greater result.

print advertisement

print adPlacing an ad for the sake of placing an ad in a general or trade publication delivers little to no result. Getting the reader 'to do' something that produces value is key to print advertising. For it it work the best, use other methods of marketing communication to make it work harder and with greater result.

banner ads

With the proper planning, advertising on a web page can be an effective tool to get a target audience to your website,or better yet, a landing page on your website, delivering key Banner admessages specifically geared toward the audience. They can appear on a trade magazine's website, partner website, or even a blog.


Newsletters are a key way to communicate pertinent information to customers and prospects. They can be delivered electronically, printed or a combination of both. Apply a consistent design to be recognized each and every time we communicate out in the market.

social media

Social media is a key part of getting noticed on the Internet. The website can work hard and get noticed, but social blogmedia can help get the needed visibility you are searching for. However, not all social media is the right choice. With so much available in the Internet marketplace, it's vital to choose the right avenues for exposure. It's also key to keep track of your placements as well as comments (good and not so good) from customers and prospects.

partner programs.

Partner programs are a key way to attract new business fast. Who to choose as a partner and how to develop key relationships takes time, consideration and trust. We can help you to identify, obtain and maintain key partner programs and that result in new, joint business.

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